Spinach Three Ways | Plant-Based Cooking

Welcome back! Today we are going to be covering three of my favorite recipes using spinach. So, today we are making: Spinach & Kale Pesto Curry Creamed Spinach Spinach & Artichoke Dip Three fairly simple, nutrient-packed recipes that bring loads

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**Anxiety, Depression, and Your Gut*

Scientists have studied the connection between feelings the brain. Studies carried out over decades have revealed certain areas of the brain are more active when people feel fear or happiness, for example. There are signals from the gut that reach

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Cremini Mushrooms Three Ways

FUN FACT: Cremini and white mushrooms are actually the same mushroom!  They are differentiated by age.  White mushrooms –>Cremini (baby bella) –> Portobello. Mushrooms are high in dietary fiber, both insoluble cellulose in the outer skin and pectins in the

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