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Change does not take place overnight. Many chronic illnesses take between six and twelve months to respond. Many will begin to feel some changes that first month.  However, finding and addressing the root cause of the problem takes time, and our goal is to lead you in the right direction and give you constant support throughout the process.


The Initial Visit Includes:

  • A 60-minute deep dive into the patient’s health history to discover the root causes of a patient’s illness.  This approach is the key to getting significant, lasting health results.
  • At the end of the visit, we will formulate a specific health plan to help you reach your goals.  Suggestions may include lab testing, supplement recommendations, nutritional guidance, lifestyle guidance, and/or referrals.


Follow-Up Months Include:
  • 1 ½-hour follow up per month via Skype, over the phone, or in person.  This is to monitor progress and make changes as we see improvements.
  • Unlimited email support between sessions (24-hour reply time during weekdays)
  • Applicable Handouts and Shopping Lists

Insurance: We do not accept insurance, although insurance may cover some of the testing services (but not all). The programs generally are considered above the standard of care, so insurance companies deem them “elective.”

Insurance reimburses for the quantity of appointments, not quality.

Note:  Visits at other office sites may vary.

You will be responsible for the full fee of the appointment if you do not provide the office with twenty-four (24) hours notice to cancel or change the appointment or if you do not show up for your appointment

Frequently asked Questions:
1. Do you offer services to those who cannot meet with you personally?

Yes, I offer long-distance consultations via webcam or telephone if you are not able to make it to the office in person.


2. Am I a good fit for your programs?

The best way to find this out is to schedule the initial visit and from there determine if you will be a good fit. There is no obligation beyond the initial visit if you decide to not continue forward. The initial consultation is comprehensive, where we will go over your health history in great detail. I enjoy working with patients over months, and developing a relationship with them as they reach their goals. I am honored and humbled to be a part of their journey.


3. How long does it take to get results?

Each person is different and can improve to varying degrees. Some people may feel a dramatic improvement over the first month, while others can take longer to reach their checkpoints. The standard length ranges from 6-12 months. Why this long? Well, it is important to understand your body did not break down overnight. Years of chronic stress and illness add up, and will take time to correct.


4. How long are the consultations?

The initial consult runs 60 minutes. This give me the opportunity to dig deep into a health history and uncover the root cause of the problem. It also allows time for you to ask questions as we go along, which I am happy to answer. The follow-ups are 30 minutes, and are designed to monitor improvement and make necessary adjustments to the treatment plan as we progress.