Welcome to The Food Collective!

We’re making plant-based cooking fun, delicious, and attainable!  These classes will make you want to cook and impress your friends!

Learn how to balance flavor, get in the flow of the kitchen, and master new recipes- all with plants!

You get the best of both worlds: Optimize nutrition for your body while adding new skills to impress your friends and family!

By combining modern, plant-based nutrition knowledge with tried-and-true cooking, you will develop and master your everyday cooking skills. 

With your personalized menu, you will have availability to learn, ask culinary/nutrition questions, and dive into the art of cooking.

So- if you’re looking to level up your cooking game….

You want to incorporate more healthy options in a way that is fun, exciting, and delicious….

Your are trying to incorporate more plants into their cooking….

Then these are for you!