1-on-1 Deep Dive Consults!

  • Have you visited your doctor recently, and were told you’re in danger of some serious health issues, and you’re nervous?
  • Do you have someone important in your life, and the fact that you not being at your best could make their lives more difficult just came over you?
  • Do you just want to look in the mirror and feel better about what you see looking back at you?
  • Do you have food sensitivities, and were told to just eliminate foods and move on?

I’ve been there too!

My name is Vincent Esposito, and I’m a Doctor of Chiropractic and also have a Master’s Degree in Human Nutrition. But there was also a time when I was 25 pounds overweight, developed some gut issues, decreased energy levels, an increased sense of anxiety, and a newly-developed seasonal allergy. Then, one day I decided I had enough, and made enough changes that all those symptoms simply disappeared over time! I’m here to show you how I did it, and why it works!

I can guide you to get you where you want to be faster!

Imagine if…

  • Could create an action plan for healing.
  • You could take back control of your health!
  • You could stop fearing food, and start enjoying it again!
  • You can feel confident and comfortable in your body!
  • You could stop living in fear of mealtimes and start enjoying them again.
  • You can stop worrying about food sensitivities, and reintroduce foods over time!
  • You can feel like yourself again, and get your energy levels back!
  • You can shift your perspective on health & life!

I’m here to help you cut through the noise and help you make lasting changes without compromising delicious food- one the of the true pleasures in life!

The key principles underlying my approach are:

  • Food can be our best medicine
  • A blend of Western Science and Eastern Philosophy when it comes to using food as therapy.
  • Make weight loss effortless and joyful
  • No Fad-Diets
  • Enjoying food is one of the simplest, purest pleasures we experience
  • The food on our plates is not the only thing that nourishes us. Other aspects of our lives like our work, relationships, financial independence, creativity all play roles and are equally important and deserve our attention
  • Focusing on what foods you can include instead of worrying about removing “bad foods”
  • We’re all different. Bio-individuality should be the guiding force behind any lifestyle or food change
  • Focusing on building upon small, sustainable food and lifestyle modifications.  These can manage chronic disease as well, if not better, than conventional medicine

The 8 Core Principles for Healing

  1. Your Purpose
  2. Belief in Something Greater Than Yourself/ Higher Power
  3. Your Social Circle/ Close Relationships
  4. Breath
  5. Sleep
  6. Exposure to Natural Light
  7. Nourishment from Real Food
  8. Body Movement

Through this method, my clients have achieved:

  1. Weight Loss
  2. Improvement in Chronic Disease Symptoms
  3. Reduction in Cravings
  4. A New Passion for Cooking Healthy, Delicious Food
  5. Boost in Energy
  6. A Fitter and More Toned Physique
  7. Self-Reliance and Self-Resilience
  8. A Healthier Family

This program is perfect for you if…

  • You want to build a new relationship with food.
    • You want to find balance and stop feeling guilty and obssessing. Knowledge is power when it comes to nutrition, and this will give you the knowledge to make thoughtful, empowering decisions going forward.
  • You are looking for guidance towards eat more plants, or improving your current eating patterns.
    • Success in any field is never a solo act. Do you really want to try another diet, and only to end up right where you started again?
  • You desire a happier and healthier existence.
    • You deserve to be the best version of yourself.
  • You want to be at your ideal weight, healthier, leaner, more energetic, and suffer from less pain.
  • You’re tired of feeling stuck and frustrated.
    • We will work together to create a clear roadmap that works for you, your lifstyle, and your health goals.
  • You want to get your confidence back!
    • No more need to worry about the latest detoxes, cleanses, diets, fasts, and whatever other fads come into the fold.
  • You want to take back control of your health.
    • Your health future is not written in stone. We all have the ability to look and feel our best!
  • You want to improve your energy levels.
    • Maximize your productivity and perform at your best day in and day out. Feel sharper during the work day, and bounce back with more energy.
  • You want to look & feel younger.
    • Have the tools to look and feel your absolute best!
  • You want to shift your perspective……
    • On health, life, and your ability to transform.