Welcome!  Because you’re here, you are now traveling on the road to better health!  This process is here to guide you through creating a healthy body, mind, and spirit, one step at a time.

It doesn’t matter where you are on your healing journey!  There is something here that anyone can employ.  Simply follow the steps to build these easy practices that you need to become the healthiest version of you! 


It all starts with your “why.”  Remember, at the end of the day, we are spiritual beings experiencing a physical body.  The health of your physical body is a manifestation of your spiritual connectedness.

Why Do You Want to Be Healthy?

You need to ask yourself, why do you want to be healthy?  Why do you want to overcome a health challenge?  Your motivation or your “why” needs to have two sides, a positive and a negative

What do you want to avoid as a result of having a sick body?  On the positive side, do you want to have more energy, live long for your spouse & kids or do you have more work to do in the world? Your why needs to be something other than superficial physical characteristics.

There needs to be a deeper motivation behind why you want to transform your health and your life. Having a strong “why” is going to give you the motivation in the moment to make the right decisions.

What to Do: Spend 5 minutes and write down at least 3 negative reasons why you don’t want to be sick and 3 positive reasons why you want to experience true health and vitality.  Put that list somewhere you can see it every day.  

Who are You?

Motivation alone is not enough.  You need to see it.  Your perception of yourself really becomes your reality.   You make the decisions based upon who you perceive yourself to be at a given moment in time.  Understanding who you are is the most critical step to improving your health and your life.

If you see yourself as constantly sick, you will manifest a sick body.  However, if you identify yourself as a successful disciplined person, then you will make decisions based upon that belief, on who you are.  Are you the healthiest person ever?  Are you able to inspire those closest to you?  Does everything you touch go your way? 

Who Are You?

What to Do: Spend 3 minutes and write down 2 sentences that describe what kind of being you are on the planet and what kind of difference you’re going to make in this world as a result.

Your Subconscious Mind

Your current physical health and well-being is the direct result of your subconscious programming, NOT your conscious mind.  Your subconscious mind is what runs the show. 90-95% of our days are run on autopilot, they are the automatic tasks we do, think, eat, and drink because that is what our body deems as a “safe” environment at the moment.  According to Dr. Bruce Lipton the main way to reprogram your subconscious mind for success is repetition through affirmations.

What to Do: Write down 3 affirmations about your health, your relationships and your finances.  Put them on your phone and repeat them at least 3 times per day.

Bonus: Record yourself reading these affirmations into your phone. Then put that behind some soft music so you don’t hear it. Then listen to that as you fall asleep each night, when you’re driving or doing your daily meditation.

Bonus #2:  Read The Biology of Belief by Bruce Lipton.

Your Inner World

In order to achieve the highest levels of health and success in all areas of your life, you need to have a grasp on your internal environment.  What you eat, drink, breathe, put on your skin, think, and the people you interact with all play a role in creating this internal environment, affecting the body, mind, and spirit.

It doesn’t matter if it’s negative people, watching the news, listening to disempowering music, movies, radio shows or TV, everything you consume (physically or otherwise) needs to support this new direction you’re going.

What to Do: Make a list of the positive and negative external environmental factors in your life (physical, chemical, and emotional stressors)- these can include food choices, relationships, types of media you consume, how you spend your free time, and organize them into positive and negative categories.  This is a start to giving you a good idea which areas you are doing well with, and which need more attention and improvement.

Your Energy

Humans are energetic, not material, beings.

Your body needs energy to heal, to repair, and to attain true health and vitality. It is recommended to make a list of people or circumstances in your life that drain you of energy.  It is vital to make sure you care for and preserve your energy, not giving it away without intention.

Don’t get pulled into other people’s drama and problems.  All of life, people, and media attempt to get you to invest emotionally into their way of seeing the world.  Don’t let your emotions get controlled by anybody other than you.  If you are to heal, you must preserve your energy so it can be used for healing and not unnecessary energy.  There are plenty of energy vampires out there, and guarding your energy should take priority.

What to Do: Write down five people and/or five circumstances that come up in your life on a regular basis that bring about drama or take away your energy.  Consider polite, tactful ways of reducing your interaction with them, sharing how you feel, or getting rid of them from your life completely if you absolutely have to.

Bonus: Read Dodging Energy Vampires by Dr. Christiane Northrup.


“If you want what everybody else has, just do what everybody else is doing.  But if you want something different for yourself, you must do something radically different on a daily basis.”

Meditation, along with breathwork, is a way to bring balance to your autonomic nervous system. It helps the body to heal and restore itself.  It provides rest so your cells can repair themselves. It allows you to see yourself as a being other than your body.

The truth is, 80-90% of all doctor’s visits are stress related, which means the autonomic nervous system is out of balance.  This is due to some kind of physical, chemical, or emotional stress.  Meditation and breathwork are two powerful tools that we have conscious control over, and can positively affect the autonomic nervous system.

As meditation gets easier, you’ll start to enjoy it (maybe even LIKE it) and begin to look forward to the practice. Also the benefits will start to become so clear that if you miss a day, you’ll notice a major difference. 

Meditation is the best way to get in alignment with your higher self and your subconscious mind. When you start to develop a relationship with your inner being, then you can begin the road to recovery or start your journey to true health and vitality.

What to Do: Start your meditation practice by meditating 5 minutes per day, once per day. When you get used to that you can increase the time and/or the sessions. Simply sit against a wall with your back straight and your legs crossed. Close your eyes and focus on your breath. 

Bonus: Try The Breathe Easy Masterclass and unlock the power of the breath as well!

Setting Intentions

Intention is about setting a goal, visualizing it, and accomplishing it.  Whether it’s about making changes to your eating habits, trying to get into a healthier rhythm, or wanting to advance in your career, setting goals and writing them down is the best place to start.

Identifying your desire is the first step in the intention-setting process.  It can be

Don’t stop with just setting the intention.  Try digging deeper to understand the feeling underneath the desire.  Try to connect the intention to a feeling versus a very specific desired outcome.

There is often a deeper desire behind the statement itself.   Ex:  I want a work promotion, but the feeling underneath it may be to feel fully expressive in the work itself.

What to Do: Get clear on what you want.  Then, write down what you want and how you want to feel.

Giving Back

When health challenges arise, it becomes easy to focus on our healing. Remember, your health is to be the foundation for something greater.  What does attaining better health allow you to do?

Look for ways to give back.  See if you can help your parents.  Maybe you’d like to volunteer at the local library, homeless shelter, or church.  Part of your healing is going to be helping people in their time of need. 

No human is truly alone and you cannot heal alone.  We all come from the same source.  We are all reflections of that same source.   The more we help others, the more we heal ourselves.

What to Do: Find an organization you’d like to work with and begin by volunteering once a week.  Alternatively, find something you can do each day to make somebody’s life better or easier.  Seek out more ways to give back to those who need it.

The Power of Gratitude

Gratitude is a foundational spiritual practice.  If you feel like God or life owes you something, you’re not on a path of healing. One of the greatest spiritual teachings is learning how to be grateful in EVERY situation.  I understand this is not an easy practice, but it is something we must strive for.

When we are constantly complaining because life isn’t meeting our expectations, we are blocking vital healing energy. 

If we are not grateful for the gifts we do have and experience, why should abundance and healing be gifted to us?   If your son/ daughter/loved one was ungrateful and expected gifts from you in return, would you want to give him/her one?

What to Do: When you wake up each morning, ask yourself, “What can I be grateful for today?”  Pick one thing and ponder that all day. Think about what it would be to not have that thing. What would your life look like? 

Could this be a great relationship you have? Could it be a bad relationship that’s teaching you to grow?  Could it be simply having food or two arms and two legs?  Pick one thing each morning and find different angles of looking at it to practice new ways of being grateful for things that are easy to take for granted.

Bonus: Keep a short gratitude journal. You don’t have to write much but keep track of what you’re grateful for each day.  Write in this journal every night before bed or early in the morning just after waking up.

Have Fun!

Remember back to when you were a child. All you think about is how to have fun. When we’re adults we have jobs, responsibilities, and people to take care of.  Fun is put on the back burner. 

But don’t forget to have fun.  Plan for it.  Schedule it in your calendar if you have to. When you’re having fun, it’s a form of meditation.  You’re in the moment. You are present in the eternal “now.”  This is the “zen” state we strive for!

This is where creativity, abundance and healing flows from. This is the source. Do whatever you have to do to have fun, even if you have to do it alone.

What to Do:  Pick a hobby you’d like to pursue. Pick an activity you’d like to learn or simply do that you find fun.  Move your body and stay in the moment.  This could be simply hiking, playing a game of ping pong, sewing, or catching up with friends. Find one activity you enjoy, put it in your planner this week, AND STICK TO IT!

What’s Your Purpose?

This is the hardest question to get an answer to as adults.  The reason why we are disconnected from knowing the answer is complex, and that is beyond the scope of this lesson.

If you don’t know what your purpose is, pray about it.  Meditate on it. Usually it’s related to something you enjoy like a hobby or something you love that you do on your off time. Your purpose may also be related to some injustice you see in the world that needs fixing.  It could also be something to do with connection to other people and relationships.  Ultimately we inhabit these bodies to learn and help others.

When you are in alignment with your purpose, you need to be here. The world needs you to fulfill that purpose. If you have a purpose and are deeply connected to it, illness can’t be a part of that because that would take you away from your purpose.

Your goal is to figure out what that is and start executing on it.

What to Do:  Before you go to bed each night, ask/pray/meditate to help you find your purpose.  Make that an intention, and write that intention down. Look for it when you’re driving. Think about it.  Ponder it when you’re walking to and from places. During your meditation, make it all about finding what your purpose is.  It should take less than 30 days for you to discover it.

That’s it!

I hope you found this a helpful start in this series!  Three more parts to come!

I’ll see you next week!

Dr. Vincent Esposito

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