Top 6 Herbs for Vitality

When I think of vitality, I think of aging gracefully.  I think there’s a beauty in those older than me that look, move, and feel great.  I think of my father-in-law who, at the age of 63 still plays basketball 3-4x per week. 

That’s what I want to be like.

I know that I have a  long way to go before I get to that age, but it is my goal to help others enjoy their lives, and have poor health derail them from their endeavors.   With that being said, there are some benefits all of these herbs share, including:

So quickly, let’s touch on them:


The name literally translates to “smelling like a horse,” but if you can get past that, you have an incredibly potent herb on your hands.  Ashwagandha is rich in iron, making it great for building blood and hemoglobin.  The high iron levels also help children grow and adults make more children.  It is a very calming herb, and is especially useful for regulating the thyroid in hypothyroidism.  Traditionally, ashwagandha is used for treating “weakness of the body” (general and sexual), memory loss, emaciation, insomnia, breathing problems, old age, malnutrition, infertility, and enhances recovery


Well-known for enhancing immunity to resist cold & flu, bronchitis, mononucleosis, and pneumonia.  It also has protective qualities for the liver and kidney specifically.  Traditionally, it has been used for recovery from severe blood loss (postpartum), lack of appetite, fatigue, diarrhea, frequent colds, edema from deficiency, chronic ulcerations and sores.


American ginseng (Panax quinquefolius) is a root used in herbal medicine. Both Native American healers and traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) have utilized it.  It is a stimulating adaptogen, one of the most potent energizing herbs.  It is fantastic for those who feel weak, fatigued, or exhausted.  It   Modulates the HPA

axis with sweeping effects on immune functioning through all systems of the body. Known as an immune amphoteric, ginseng enhances immune functioning where deficient and reduces excessive immune responses as needed.

Gotu Kola

Gotu Kola (Centella asiatica) is an ancient Ayurvedic remedy that is now used extensively in the West.  It is one of nature’s best herbs for brain health and nerve regeneration.  It is well known for its neuroprotective and chemopreventive qualities, which means it protects the nervous system and stops or suppresses carcinogenic action.  Traditionally, it is used for treating Treats sores and abscesses, swollen sore throat, painful urinary dribbling, traumatic injuries, diarrhea, dysenteric disorder, damp-heat jaundice (in Traditional Chinese Medicine).


Reishi mushrooms are known as adaptogens, meaning they help your body deal with the negative effects of stress, such as increased inflammation, depleted energy levels, damaged blood vessels and various types of hormonal imbalances.  Traditionally, it has been used to treat insomnia, palpitations, coughing and wheezing from deficiency, poor digestion, and mental-emotional disturbances.


Schisandra chinensis first gained recognition by Chinese emperors and Taoist masters, along with goji berry and ginseng.   Schisandra is a major tonic herb and acts throughout the body, strengthening and toning many different organs, most notably the liver.  It can be useful for improving liver function and has been used to treat hepatitis.  It has also been shown to enhance vision, improve hearing, boost tactile sensitivity, and improve breath capacity.  Traditionally, schisandra is used to treat chronic cough and wheezing, vaginal discharge, urinary frequency, excessive sweating, palpitations, irritability, insomnia.

Stunning NYT Article!

Perhaps you’ve seen the latest NYT article covering the COVID vaccines, titled Thousands Believe Covid Vaccines Harmed Them. Is Anyone Listening?  

I understand that not everything is black-and-white.  What is wild to me is the subtitle: “All vaccines have at least occasional side effects. But people who say they were injured by Covid vaccines believe their cases have been ignored.”

The sad truth is no one is listening.  If you’ve done any research on it at all, you know a little bit of what’s going on.  

In the article, perhaps you’ll pick up on the scariest part. It isn’t necessarily scary because people got sick from the injection (which, of course, is not great).  The scary part is that people are complaining about neurological problems, brain fog, fatigue, cardiovascular issues, and tinnitus, but no one in the US is paying attention to this.  

Other countries have compiled this data, and indeed, we see these connections.  Look at Israel.  The reason so many American doctors warned (and were subsequently shadowbanned, deleted, or outright lost their license) of the potential harm is because Israel’s government made a deal with Pfizer, essentially making their people the world’s largest experiment for this product at the time.  When their data was released to the public, it was fairly easy to see how it could translate over to the US.  Bear in mind that this was clear in 2021.

In 2024, the US is still not even trying to compile this data, and we have to start asking why.

If you haven’t a great place to start would be the book Dissolving Illusions by Roman Bystrianyk and Dr. Suzanne Humphries.  

The injuries are real. And the truth is that many people were forced to do something that they probably wouldn’t have if it wasn’t under duress.  

If you truly value freedom of choice and want any semblance of freedom, then I highly recommend reading the book.  Sure, you can check out the NYT article, but there is nothing new in that article that most people who have been affected by injuries or have read up on the topic outside of what the standard marketing campaign given to you by the average hospital and/or pediatrician.  

Find good ones like Dr. Joel Gator, Dr. Aviva Romm, Dr. Bob Sears, or Dr. Paul Thomas.  Ask yourself why they are incessantly attacked.  Ask yourself what happens if anyone in the system speaks up.

There are choices.  You are a human being, designed to live on Planet Earth.  I do believe that every single human being has the right to choose what they do with their bodies.  

True autonomy and responsibility is the only way forward.  Health freedom is the last hope we have to be truly free human beings in America.


In America, we tend to live indoor lives.  Over 90% of our time is spent indoors, which isn’t great.  But I get it.  I’m standing at my computer right now typing this.  Sometimes, we can’t escape it.  If you do happen to be inside, I recommend keeping your windows open whenever possible to get some fresh air in.  

My wife and I have two AirDoctor units, one in our bedroom and one in the main living area.  On days where it’s really cold and it doesn’t make sense to keep the windows open, then we will use them.  

AirDoctor air purifiers are equipped with a 3 stage filtration system consisting of an UltraHEPA filter, a carbon VOC filter and pre-filter. The UltraHEPA filter captures 99.99% of particles as small as 0.003 microns (1 micron = 1 thousandth of a millimeter), ensuring the capturing of even the smallest airborne contaminants.

This is my favorite at-home air filter so far.  You can get your own AirDoctor 2500 and save $150 between now and May 15th.  If you’re interested, then use this link to purchase.

Quick Hits

Here’s a 2 hour lecture that explains why sunlight is non-negotiable for a healthy immune system and melatonin production.


Spring is here, and peas are one of my favorite ingredients to use this time of year.  Here’s an awesome recipe I’ve made a few times if you’re looking for a hummus replacement.

Pea, Basil, & Mint Spread

Cook and Prep Time: 10-15 minutes

Serves: 8

You Need

·        2 cups Peas

·        2 Shallots, minced

·        3-4 cloves Garlic, minced

·        2 T Tahini

·        1 Lemon, juiced

·        1 Lemon, zest

·        ¼ cup Basil, chopped roughly

·        ¼ cup Mint, chopped roughly

·        1 T Water (plus more if needed)

·        Salt & Pepper, to taste


1.       Rinse and chop the produce accordingly.

2.       Set a small skillet to medium heat.  Once hot, sauté the garlic and shallots for 4-5 minutes, until the shallot is translucent.

3.       Add all ingredients to a food processor, and pulse until smooth.

4.       Top with chili flakes, lemon zest, or fresh basil leaves.  Enjoy!

Did you end up making this?  Respond to this email (with some pictures) and let me know!

Weekly Challenge


My wife is a dentist that specializes in sleep medicine. So how you breathe during the day affects how you feel at all levels.  

How well you sleep.  Your energy levels.  Your need for caffeine. All of it.  So for this week, I want you to start with one exercise, called Triangle Breathing.  

Box breathing can help calm the autonomic nervous system, but it is meant for focus and alertness.  This is a more calming version of box breathing, putting you into a more parasympathetic state.  The instructions are as follows:

  1. Breathe in through the nose for X seconds (Ex: 4 seconds)
  2. Hold for X seconds (Ex: 4 seconds)
  3. Breathe out through the nose slowly for 2X seconds (Ex: 8 seconds)
  4. Repeat Steps 1-3 for up to 5 minutes.
  5. Do this for 10 minutes per day.  You can break it up into 2x 5-minute sessions.

Did you get this week’s challenge done?  Respond to this email and let me know!

That’s a Wrap!

Thanks for reading Becoming InVINcible.  What do you think of the NYT article?

I hope you enjoyed this edition of the newsletter.  If you find this information valuable, please share it with a friend.

Much love!

Dr. Vincent Esposito 

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