What to Expect

Prior to Your Consultation
Please fill out the intake form and email it to drvincentesposito@insideouthealthwellness.com at least 24 hours before arriving for your appointment. Please arrive 15 minutes early for your first appointment to ensure paperwork is complete, and you are ready to be seen by the doctor on time.

Your first visit is all about getting to know you and your goals.  There are many goals out there.


  • Are you here mostly to get out of pain? 

  • Are you training for a marathon or your upcoming season? 

  • Do you want to be able to play soccer with your kids again? 

  • Looking to avoid surgery?

Everyone has their goals.

We will take the first 60 minutes to narrow down this focus and perform a comprehensive evaluation to understand your body as a whole.  This includes:

  • Body composition

  • Posture evaluation

  • Movement assessment, exploring your posture, mobility, and biomechanics

  • Balance

We do all of this to determine what is the best treatment plan for you, since no two goals are exactly the same! 


First Treatment

Yes, you should expect a treatment during your first session, provided there isn’t any reason to refer out for more imaging.  Treatment often involves deep tissue work & muscle stretching- so we recommend patients wear comfy clothing.


If you’re battling hip pain, your trusty stretchy gym pants are your best bet!  If you are struggling with foot or knee pain, don’t forget to pack some comfy shorts for your appointment!

Our goal is to address the root cause of your health issue so you can begin healing immediately. You’ll also have time to ask questions and learn about Inside Out health & Wellness, your health, and chiropractic care.

Treatment and Customized Wellness Program

A uniform approach to health is inadequate and possibly harmful because every body is unique. Your healthcare should be personalized to meet your specific needs and goals. 

At Inside Out Health & Wellness, we expect you to be a partner in your own healing journey.  We are grateful that you chose to spend the 1% of your time healing with us, but the truth of the matter is you are spending the other 99% of your time away from us, and that time matters! 


Your treatment plan will include personalized exercises, stretches, postural support, and self-care tips. If you’re in pain, we might suggest ice/heat applications or avoiding certain activities. We tailor every plan because everyone is unique, aiming to restore your optimal health and wellness.


Our goal is to reduce structural, chemical, emotional, and environmental stressors, supporting your body’s natural healing processes. We’re dedicated to providing the best care to help you feel your best!


Wrapping Up

After your treatment, check out at the front desk and schedule your next visit.


Do you perform X-Rays and MRIs?


If we feel X-Rays or MRIs are necessary, we will refer out for them if warranted.


Remember though, traditional diagnostics like MRIs or X-rays only show the current state of your body, missing the deeper causes of your pain. Our thorough approach uncovers the underlying reasons and hidden opportunities for improvement. This personalized method guides tailored treatments and programs, delivering faster, more effective results.


Dig deeper!  Don’t just settle for surface-level insights.  A picture or image or lab work can be useful, but it does not replace the work that needs to be done to unlock your body’s full potential.. Let’s get started on your journey to optimal health and performance!



Initial Visit

  • Chiro + Movement Assessment + First Treatment (90 min)- $250

  • Iris, Tongue, Fingernail Analysis + Lab Analysis (60min) – $279

  • Full package (all of the above: 2 hours)- $479 (save 10%)

  • Re-examination or Reactivation (30 minutes): $125


***Follow up visits may include therapies that are most pertinent to your goals. This includes (but it is not limited to) chiropractic adjustments, soft tissue/ fascial therapy, red light therapy, exercises, and more.  See this page for a full list of services.

Per Visit Fees

  • (Wellness Only) Chiropractic Visits- $50 (10 minutes) 

  • Nutrition and function med follow ups- $150 (30 min)

  • Red Light Therapy (10-30 minutes)- $50

  • TMJ/sleep/head and neck pain work up (FUTURE:combo w/ dental)

Visit Plans

    • 4 visits x $125 (40 minutes)

      • Use over 6 weeks maximum

      •  Paid in full OR (3 mo/ payment plan @ $175/month)

    • 8 visits x $110 (40 minutes) [save 12% per visit] – most popular

      • Use over 12 weeks maximum

      • Paid in full OR (4-month payment plan @ $232/month) 

    • 12 visits x $100 (40 minutes)  [save 20% per visit]

      • Use over 16 weeks maximum

      • Paid in full OR (5-month payment plan @ $308/month) 

    • Re-exam after 12 visits (30 minutes): $125

    • Custom Training and Nutrition Plans with coaching (in person or virtual): starting at $100/month

    • All plans include use of the facilities and RLT therapy.