**How to Live Longer and Healthier: The 5 Pillars of Health**

In this episode, we discuss the foundation for longevity, which consists of five basic pillars of health.

The five pillars consist of Nutrition, Stress, Sleep, Physical Activity, and Psychosocial Health.

In order to live optimally and function at our best as we age, we should aim to address and improve each of the of these pillars going forward. If these seems overwhelming, don’t worry!

This is a lifelong journey. It is impossible to make all these changes today. Instead, use this time to simply identify which pillars can be improved upon and start there. In the upcoming videos, we will break down each of these pillars specifically, and highlight ways to improve upon them.

The first step is identifying what can be improved upon, and that is half the battle! So stay tuned! I’m excited to be a part of your health journey!